Thursday, September 6, 2012


As you know, Im a BzzAgent over here & I'm buzzing about my new favorite candy!
This candy is UNREAL!
It was made out of a need for "better" candy.
These candies have:
No Preservative
No Artificials
No Hydrogenateds
No Corn Syrups
It is really UnJunked.
I did have a hard time finding them in the stores, so I had to log on their website to find out where to get them in West Texas -- I found them at CVS Pharmacy. They will be in Target stores soon.

I especially like the UNREAL 8 - chocolate caramel peanut nougat bar
The chocolate is very smooth. The caramel is thick and moist. The peanuts are fresh.
It reminded me a turtle candy, you know the fancy kind that come in the red & white striped packages.
We tasted 4 of the 5 kinds of candy available at work yesterday.
The 54 - chocolate covered peanuts are great.
The 41 - chocolate covered candies are good - they kind of have a dark chocolate flavor.
The 5 - chocolate caramel nougat bars is sweeter than a milky way.

Great Job UNREAL candy company!

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