Monday, August 15, 2011

sleeping through the night

Lincoln finally did it...he struggled to go down, not fussy, just wanted to be awake with us, but finally fell asleep around 10.30pm.  He wimpered at 11.30pm, but not cries.  I heard the cry at 5.43am this morning.
The first thing I thought was - Is that clock right? The second thing was - Poor baby, Did he cry in the middle of the night and I didnt hear him? I hopped out of bed, walked to his room to find him squirming in his bed. I picked him up, fed him and he went right back to sleep until I woke him up at 6.50am to get ready for the day.

Now he is happy every morning, but this morning when I woke him up at 6.50 he only rubbed his head on my shoulder some, but then was awake and did not give me any trouble changing into his clothes for the day.

What a great baby I have!!