Sunday, September 9, 2012

All in a day with Mom

Saturday, Lincoln got up at 7am. So we started our Saturday early. We cooked breakfast, did laundry, cleaned a few other things around the house and then at noon we left for Abilene to go to a computer auction. After that, we had lunch at chik-fil-a --which Lincoln loved! Then to hobby lobby, target, fuel for the car and Starbucks (with my giftcard) for a pumpkin spices latte.
We had a great time together.
We made it home in time to cook grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner and enjoyed the cool weather the rest of the evening.
Looks like I wore Lincoln out shopping. He was great in all the stores! Every one looks at him & says how cute he is. Of course, it makes me so proud! :)
It was a good day!

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