Wednesday, January 8, 2014

First time for Oatmeal!

Last night was the first time I gave Reagan oatmeal and he loved, Loved, LOVED it! He gobbled it up like a little birdie. When I first put the spoon to his mouth, he wasn't sure what to do, but about four bites in he knew exactly what was going on. He wanted more & would make noise if I was too slow. He was even grabbing for the spoon. I did let him play with the spoon for a few mins after he finished eating so that he would get the feel of it. He did really good (only gagged himself a few times.) I was so proud & so sad at the same time. The time just seems to be going by so fast. He was just so tiny the other day...

Lincoln even wanted to help feed him but when he tried to put the spoon in Reagan's mouth he pushed too far & Reagan gagged so I didn't let him feed him any more. Maybe another time. :) he is such a good big brother!