Sunday, November 24, 2013

Oh the things kids say! #2

If you know us, you know that Lincoln has some trouble pooping. Its no secret. So a about two months ago, he told me he had to go. I took him to the bathroom & put him on the potty. I asked him if he had a little poop coming or a big poop. He told me it was a big poop, so I walked into the other room to put away a few things. After a 2-3 minutes, he called me back in the bathroom & asked me to hold his hand. Pretty normal request. Then, he looks at me and says, "Mommy, back up over there." Waving his hand toward the door. As I am backing up, I ask him, "Why do you want me to back up?"  He says, very matter of fact like "Back up so the poop dont splash you."
I about fell down. I said, "What did you say?"  He said, "so the poop dont splash you." At this point, I was doubled over in laughter, which made him laugh. I just couldnt believe what I had just heard.
He finished his business, but it was just so funny that night!

Oh the things kids say!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Oh the things kids say! #1

Back in October, (my how time flies) I went over to Burleson to meet up with my mom and dad for a weekend visit. They were in town for a concert and I wanted to shop at a few stores so I got up super early on Saturday morning and drove over. We met up and had lunch at Jack n the Box. Then we went to Target, CVS and then, we found a Kid-to-Kid. We had a great time. We headed back to the hotel to meet up with Dad so they could go to the concert. I took the boys to go eat at Cracker Barrel and then to TJ Maxx.
At TJ Maxx, Lincoln began to melt down so it was time to go back to the hotel. We had baths and then to bed. Sunday morning was nice and slow. We had breakfast at the hotel. I knew I wanted to go to the HEB and get milk and eggs bc they were so cheap and then to World Market (one of my favorite stores ever!) We went to HEB and then over to World Market. Dad bought Lincoln a train whistle and I found the cutest excavator and bull dozer ornaments for the boy's Christmas tree. 

For awhile now, we have been working with Lincoln on chewing gum  and not swallowing it. So throughout the weekend, we kept asking him if he still had his gum. On the way over to World Market, we gave him a piece of gum. After we finished shopping I needed to feed Reagan before we got back on the road. We had given Lincoln a juice to drink for the road. While mom and I were sitting in the parking lot feeding Reagan, mom turned to Lincoln and asked if he still had his gum. 
He said, "no, his drink swallowed it."  Not that he swallowed it, but that his drink swallowed it for him.  Mom and I just looked at each other and laughed. She turned to him again and talked to him some more about not swallowing his gum. 
Reagan finished, we prayed and we both got on the road to head home. It was a great laugh before we got on the long ride home. 

                                         Love this kid so much!!