Tuesday, August 21, 2012

To Lincoln

My Dear Lincoln - yesterday I watched in amazement as you picked up my iPhone, slid the arrow to unlock it, found your games app and chose to play Curious George Zoo game.
I know that people have told me that you would do this very soon and I was sort of expecting this, but it was still amazing to watch you. You completed each touch with precision -- like you knew exactly what you were doing.

Then, later that evening your dad wanted to use the house phone. Yes, we still have a house phone bc we dont want to have to give everyone our cell numbers :) So, he asked you to go and get the phone. We wondered if you knew what we really asked you to do.  You toddled off into the kitchen and within a matter of seconds you returned holding the house phone and handed it to your dad to call Aunt Melody.

Every day you amaze us at how smart you are and what a great child you are.
We love you!
Mom & Dad

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  1. Aww such a sweet letter, sis! Love that picture of him too.

    He's growing up so stinking fast, and he's so smart too!! Soon you'll be watching him ride his first bike, then his first car, then sending him out on his first date.