Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bounce houses are fun!

Sunday afternoon we went over to Sweetwater for a 4 year old birthday party for a little girl Lincoln goes to daycare with. It was a princess party of course. They had a castle bounce house and a princess cake and pink and red punch. It was really fun. Lincoln loved Loved LOVED the bounce house! He even was brave enough to climb the ladder an go down the slide! I was so proud of him!
Then, we sang and has princess cake and a red mustache from the punch.
Presents- there were lots of tinker bell stuff, hair things and pretty sparkly things- just what a little girl wants!
But then, here big brother comes walking down the street with something every little girl wants-- a pony. A real life pony!! We were all surprised and couldn't wait to see the reaction on the little girl's face! Her momma didn't even know about it so it was fun to see her face too! :)
Here are some pics with my phone that I took. The party was fun!

Lincoln in the bounce house at a birthday party on Sunday afternoon. He had a blast!

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  1. Yay, you finally added comments!!!!! He is growing up too fast. Make it stop!

    Out of all the princess parties we had growing up we never got a real life pony. We were so deprived! ;P