Thursday, October 13, 2011

Its all about the hunt.

Dittos for Kiddos, Inc. is a children’s consignment event held twice a year in Abilene, Texas.  We have been proudly serving families in the Big Country since September 2000!!  Our Spring/Summer sale is typically held in late February/early March.  The Fall/Winter sale is usually held in late September/early October.

Our consignment sales give you the opportunity to sell your gently used clothing, toys, and equipment and receive 65% of your selling price with no long wait for your items to sell. AND, as a consignor, you also have the opportunity to shop for great bargains before we open to the public.  Clean out and cash in as you sell and shop for great bargains at the best children’s consignment sale in the Big Country! 

I love finding great quality items for not so great price. Like my sister, I like to find nice things and not pay a lot for them – thus I have many thrifted items in my closet too.

I didn’t know about this until last year when I was pregnant. This is such a great place to get GREAT used items at pretty reasonable and sometimes cheap prices! Last fall I went and I found a Graco swing for $35, and floor play mat for $10, and a rocking chair with a vibrating seat for $15. All used, but in great condition. I also was looking for bedding, but I did not find any that I really liked…but oh well.
I also went in the spring, but I did not make it on the first day and well, it was really picked over and did not purchase anything that day.

So its was that time of year again. My friend in the office consigned some things and received the early passes that you get as a consigner. She gave me her Guest pass to get in just a little bit earlier than the general public. So I went. I knew what I was looking for and headed straight to the toys first. LB needs some age appropriate toys. I walked around 5 tables and found lots of stuff. Some I thought was a little overpriced so I put it back but I did end up getting a plastic dump truck with some large lego blocks, a Vtech steering wheel, a Little Tykes hammer that makes noise when you bang it and a shape sorting toy.

Then, I headed for the books. I was looking specifically for Dr Seuss books. I found one for $2 – I thought that was a good deal since any place I have found them lately new they are 10-15. Then, I found a stack of 3 Beatrice Potter books and I found a board book about all kinds of trucks.

On to the clothes. I did not have many 12 months or 12-18 month size clothes so I was on the hunt for great deals – especially shirts with collars- J I guess Im always surprised at what some people think their clothes are worth – high and low. So, I looked through like eight rack of clothes and I came out with some really good clothes.  I splurged on 3 individual items. I bought him a London Fog jacket for $6, a super cute Chaps collared shirt for $6 (new with the original tags), and another short sleeved collared shirt for $5. Everything else was $4 or less. 

The truck & blocks were definitely LB approved! 

Now, do you Ditto?