Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The obsession began many years ago when my grandmother had Angie -- a black and tan doberman.  One time Angie had so many puppies that we got to help her out by bottle feeding them so they could all get enough milk.  I was in love. Bottle feeding something that really drank milk.  It was great. And I loved Angie - I always thought she was so pretty.  Then, in college I returned to my apartment one day and this gorgeous, very large, red female doberman came running around the corner to meet me at the stairs.  For a split second I was scared --you know because its a loose doberman -- but I was also in awe.  I thought Angie was pretty but now I had seen a red one in person!  I was enamoured.  When I finally got my whits to together (only a few seconds) I reached my arm out with fingers folded of course to pet her.  She took steps my way and smelled of my hand -- then her owner called her. She turned quickly and ran back to where she was supposed to be.  From that moment on I knew that one day I would own a beautiful red doberman.

That day has come true. On Sunday, November 15 2009 we picked out our first red doberman puppy.  I am so excited to get her -- I have wanted one for so long.

It took us a few days to finally name her, but we did. Her name is Rosie. She is quite a character and we love her already.

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