Monday, May 28, 2012

Making Brownies on Memorial Day

Today was a holiday. Memorial Day

LB loves to bake with me. This night, I was hungry for brownies it was raining out side, so why not bake some inside?
We whipped up our brownie batter - of course with a little "Lincoln Spice". As I was getting the pan ready, I remembered that my coworker had told me about making brownies in the waffle maker. So I thought we might try that too. I got out the waffle maker, plugged it in and waited for the light to tell me it was ready. I poured the batter in and waited for the light to go off to, once again, tell me the brownie was ready now.

So, LB & I tasted the brownie made in the waffle maker. It was ok. I let it cook too long so it was dry.
I poured the rest of the brownie mix in the 9x9 pan and cooked it in the oven. Much Better!
We had fun baking!

After it finished raining at our house, we went for a walk and LB couldnt resist walking in the mud puddles. He had such a great time getting all wet. He laughed and laughed at his feet & pants getting wet. The rain was nice. It came hard & fast, but we will take it with the dryness we have had in the past.